Creating Area Chart

Area chart is the best visualization, when you want to present how much change happened in your numbers over a period. For example, when you want to show sales trends of three different products over a period of 5 years, this chart is a better choice.

Generally, line charts are used when we want to present a data series over a period. Area chart is additional layer added along when you want to show volume of change in the period individually or together (stacked pattern).

Click here to download the excel file

Steps to create an area chart

Select the data. Make sure to delete the first header of your data in order to handle the x-axis label issue.

Go to “Insert” tab, under the line chart category choose “2D Area Chart”

Click on the chart, you will see “+” sign on the top right of your chart, this will show us all the chart elements in that activate data labels

Steps to present one series alone in the stacked group

Select the series you do want to show in the chart

Go to “Format” tab, choose “No Fill” under the “Shape Fill”

Go to “Format” tab, choose “No Outline” under the “Shape Outline”

Click on the required series, click on + sign on the top right of your chart and activate data labels

Now you can observe the data labels appear only for that data series in your chart


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