Creative Stacked Bar Chart

In many dashboards and MIS reports, we all are looking for some innovative excel charts or impressive excel charts. This visualization I came across last week when I was going through LinkedIn postings. Why don’t we create something like this.

Now we shall see how to create the creative stacked bar chart.

You can download the excel file here

We are going to consider the below data for creating the chart:

The normal way of displaying the above data in a chart is mostly in the form of bar chart as below:

The above chart can become more explanatory if we add some more values to the same. This is where the Creative Stacked Bar chart comes into picture.

Step 1 – Insert an additional column between the two columns – Parameter & Cost and we shall name it as Grid. Enter the same value under the Column – Grid so that the length of the stacked bar remains the same.

Step 2 – Select the data and insert the Stacked Bar Chart

Step 3 – Add data label as below:

Step 4 – Now we need to replace the constant value ‘2000’ with the team’s name. Click on the values (2000) and right click, go to format data labels. Uncheck the Options – Value & Show Leader Line and check the option – Category Name

Step 5 – Alignment of the values/names inside the bar can be done using the ‘Label Position’ – Inside End – Right Alignment; Inside Base – Left Alignment (Font size can be adjusted as per the user’s choice)

Step 6 – Gap between the bars can be adjusted using the option – Gap Width below series options under Format Data Series – In this chart I am going to keep the gap width as 40%

Step 6 – Removing unnecessary items in the chart, like grid lines, axis labels and legends. This can be done, by simply click on them and press the delete key in keyboard.

Step 7 – Font colours can be adjusted as per the user’s choice to have a better visual effect

Step 8 – Now comes the best part of the chart. In order to display the values in a better way, we are going to use a shape as below:

Remove the outline for the shape and give a lighter colour for the shape and also the gradient effect as below:

Copy the shape and select the bars with values & paste the shape:

Now our desired output of creative stacked bar chart is as below:


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