Lesson 2 – Components of Power BI

Power Query:

This is the primary block which is used for extracting data from different data sources. This block uses a language called MQuery language for searching, accessing and transforming the source data sources to the required data structure. Power Query Editor interface comes with a lot of inbuilt tools which will help you to transform the unstructured data to report friendly structure.


This will help us to connecting all the imported data sources by creating relationship between them. The technical name for this process is termed as data modelling.

Power View & Power Map:

These blocks will help us to create visualization. A bit more than normal charts, these are interlinked and interactive. Power Maps are most powerful visualizations when your data contains geographical information as one of the fields in your dataset.

Power BI Service:

This is a cloud platform where visualizations are shared via dashboards to report consumers or business decision makers. These dashboards are available in the cloud, which can be viewed anywhere at any time.

Power BI Report Server:

This is an alternative option to hold the data and distribute the dashboards for those people or organizations who are not comfortable in sharing their data in cloud

Power BI Embedded:

This is another way Power Bi users used to share their Power BI dashboards and reports via HTML codes. In this case the report consumers do not need a Power BI user account to access the information. Here the Power BI user will decide what content to be shared.

Power Gateways:

This is the platform where we schedule the data refreshing of the source data related to the visualizations in the dashboards.

Power Q&A:

This is a platform power BI responds to a natural language queries from the end users. For example, to review the last year performance of the organization. I just need type a query text like “2018 Sales Data”. This in turn will product the visuals of 2018 sales performance.

Power BI Mobile:

This is a mobile version of BI developed by Microsoft Power BI team, which gives an option to user to access dashboards, reports via mobile phones and tablets.

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