Lesson 3 – Loading Excel Data In Power BI

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In this post we will understand how to load our data in to Power BI desktop for the analysis. We are considering an excel data source here for this posting, and let’s get in to the process of uploading excel data file to Power BI desktop.

Let us start the process

Step 1: Open Power BI Desktop in your computer, sign in to your Power BI account.

Step 2: Go to “Home” tab, under the “External Data” group click on “Get Data” button, Choose “Excel”

Step 3: Locate your excel data file and click “Open” in the dialog box

Step 4: Select the sheet name from which you want to extract the data, click on the “Load” button. That completes our process. Now you can observe on the right hand side area of Power BI desktop, all the fields of excel file will be listed and it is now ready for summarization and analysis.

Step 5: In case if there is any issue on the data load, it is better to click “Edit”, correct the issues and then load it to the Power BI. We shall see now what options will be available when you go to “Edit” mode.

Step 6: On the “Home” tab, clicking on “Edit Queries” icon, will take us to “Power Query Editor” window. This is the place, where you have lot of tools and features to handle issues when you load an unstructured data.

Step 7: Every step you took while loading the data is captured in Power Query Editor, available under the “Applied Steps” area. Those steps can be renamed or more information can be added in the details properties of those recorded steps. This feature is termed as “Self Documentation”.

In the future posting we shall see more about the Transform tab features.

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