MINA and MAXA formula

Max and Min formulas are familiar to most of us. Sometimes I wonder where to use formulas like MAXA and MINA.

This post is all about it. Hope this knowledge sharing will help you. Let’s start..

When you have a numerical column, where null values stored as text values like “-“ instead of 0, then MINA formula is the perfect formula to think about.

In the below screenshot image, I need to find the least in the dataset. Actually the minimum value in the dataset is the “-“ meaning null. MINA helps us to find that.

Similarly, when you have a dataset where you store result of criteria checking in the form of TRUE / FALSE, then this is the perfect place to find the whether any of the criteria check is TRUE in the dataset.

In the below screenshot image, I have described how MAXA is used to check whether any of the status has TRUE in it. If it has TRUE in it, the result of it will be 1. Further taking this value, I am deciding to go ahead or no go.

Click here to download the excel file

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