Test Your Microsoft Excel Skill Level – Case Study 1

A company has three HR professionals (John, Jason and James) who takes care of training activities. John is responsible for technical training; Jason is responsible for functional training and James is responsible for behavioral training.

Training department manages training tracker (excel report) in which they have created individual sheet for each training activity like technical, functional and behavioral.

As an when they complete a training, HR person updates his respective sheet with participant emp code, date of training and name of training.

In this training tracker there is a master sheet, in which they need to see employee-wise completion of each training. Completion status should be displayed in such a way Y – for completion and N – for non-completion.

Using a VLOOKUP formula, you need to resolve this. Formula you derive for technical training completion status, we should be able to simply copy and paste the same formula to check the status of other two training completion.

Final output should look something like the below image. Below image is only an example screenshot hence your solutions will not match with it.

You can post your solution in the comments section

You can download the excel file by clicking here

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